What’s Inside Indonesia Spices

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Spices is a plant species that has a strong taste and aroma and also serves as a flavor and food flavor enhancer. Besides being used in cooking ingredients, spices can also be used as medicine and raw materials of herbal medicine. From its benefits, no wonder if the spices become one of the commodities that have high economic value. Indonesia has a wealth of extraordinary spices in the world and that is what makes other nations come long before the Majapahit empire era. Spices are a group of plants that have a very strong taste and aroma and also a good plant for treatment. Spices is the largest export commodity after shrimp, fish and coffee. The number of spices and herbs in Indonesia is estimated at least 7,000 species and most of them have not been cultivated, only wild growing.

Indonesia called as “Mother of Spices” because of its geographical superiority, so it is still hunted by other countries for its spice products from USA, Vietnam, India, Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, Japan, Italy, Malaysia, France, China, Australia, Thailand, Belgium, South Korea, Brazil, Britain, Russia, Canada and Pakistan. According to data released by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Indonesia ranks first in the world’s vanilla and clove producers and 2nd ranks for the world pepper and pepper producers by 2014 (FAO Stat, 2016).

In this edition, Export News reviews about Indonesia’s spice prospects that are increasingly in demand by world markets and efforts to increase the sector’s exports in this challenging globalization era.

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